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Stories online NOW

SPAM - what you can do and who NOT to trust

Leighton Hospital - NEW - Another hospital tries to gag victims of malpractice and assault

Burnley General Hospital - Managers conspired to cover up malpractice

First Data International - the international finance company that has stolen credit card payments from THOUSANDS

Currys Price Guarantee Con - How they get away with lying to YOU

Cable & Wireless - the negligent phone company that cons it's customer out of compensation - one nurse's story

The UnAmerican Mall CrossgatesMall.html - Freedom doesn't apply here - (Saddam & Bin Laden would approve) - Crossgates Mall, Albany, N.Y.

Violence at Bredbury Hall - The Racist Hotel in Stockport near Manchester, England, complete with thugs and pimps, also Dishonest lying lawyers, Racist British Judges

Other items:

Lancashire Police - pedophilia - blackmail - theft - corruption - sex

Disability Living Allowance - Illogical - Insensitive and plain Wrong

Dr Berudi - The Preston (Lancashire) doctor that nearly killed a woman and got away with it

MacDonalds - how they rip off the sick at breakfast time

VODAPHONE - how their procedures help thieves carry on using the stolen phone. With young people being mugged every day for their mobiles, while the big phone giants profit from selling new phones, this is ONE story every parent should worry about.

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